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SEPTUM PIERCINGThe use of septum rings and piercing has been on the ascendency in recent years. Septum piercing is the piercing of the cartilage dividing the nose. It is the gap in-between the cartilage and the lower part of the nose that is often pierced. This spot is often called the ‘sweet spot’.

A brief history

For a couple of years now, the issue of septum ring and piercing has been all over the place. The history of septum piercing is therefore, worth considering. There are so many people who have gotten septum piercing or thinking about getting one, in an exciting manner. The arrival of nose piercing in the United States can be traced as far back as the 1970s. However, it did not receive so much popularity at those times. It was brought back during the 1980s by hippies from India.  Septum rings and piercing was initially associated with bulls because many cartoons featured bulls who had them in their noses, usually big septum rings. This dramatic representation was right because these septum rings were in most cases, used for breaking bulls for farm activities. Because of this, the septum piercing was often referred to as ‘bull-ring piercing’. In actual fact, the septum ring, before it became popular, was used in different cultures the world over.

The current trend in Septum piercing

Septum piercing has become well-known in recent years probably because of the use of it by celebrities. It is worn today, as a means of improving personal features and looks. It is often seen to look so much better on humans than bulls. There is an increasing demand for septum piercing because it is being talked about on every platform on the internet by beauticians. What has given septum piercing more popularity is that the hole isn’t permanent. It can close up when the wound heals. Because of that it is possible to hide it if you don’t want it to be seen. If you are looking for a good shop to buy septum jewelry is one we would recommend.

Fake septum

If you do not want to have a real pierce, you may resort to fake septum piercing. Fake septum rings are also called septum cuff, septum clip on, or faux septum ring. It may also be called fake septum piecing. Because this septum ring is not used in a pierced skin, it is made with user-friendly materials which can provide the user with much more freedom. Some of the materials from which fake septum rings could be made are silver, copper, gold or even brass. The jewel is cunningly crafted in such a way such that the one who has no experience with fake septum piercing will not know in any way that the wearer has never been pierced. There are so many varieties of fake septum jewelries, since jewelry for the pierced can simply be modified to suit the unpierced one.


In a simpler language

Wearing the fake septum jewelry helps one to avoid the pain and time consumption associated with septum piercing. If you probably want to have the septum piercing, you could try the fake piercing to see how it looks on you before you go in for the piercing option.