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Anting Mutiara – Panduan Membeli Anting Mutiara & Model Anting Mutiara

Anting Mutiara - Panduan Membeli Anting Mutiara & Model Anting Mutiara

Anting Mutiara - Panduan Membeli Anting Mutiara & Model Anting MutiaraAnting Mutiara – Panduan Membeli Anting Mutiara & Model Anting Mutiara

Pearl Earrings are one of the simplest yet most classic accessories a woman can own!

You can buy inexpensive freshwater pearl earrings for under $5.00 a pair, or fabulous Akoya or South Sea Pearl Earrings for one heck of a lot more!   Finding the best pearl earrings at the best price for your budget is simple

Saat ini Anda sudah dapat membeli sepasang anting anting mutiara air tawar dengan harga dibawah seratus ribu rupiah.

Even the least expensive pearl earrings can be gorgeous, but you should look for earrings that have precious metal studs and backs, to prevent discoloration of the skin, and to avoid metal allergies.

If you can wear base metal (plated or gold filled) studs without your ears turning beet red, and swelling, go for the pretty, inexpensive earrings at your local shopping mall.  You can often buy half a dozen pairs for $2.99 on one card pack.  Almost every major shopping center carries cheap, pretty costume jewelry…but sometimes even those cheapies cost as much or more than real pearls with real sterling silver backs!

For example…

Anting Mutiara - Panduan Membeli Anting Mutiara & Model Anting MutiaraThe pearl earrings shown above are selling on eBay for only about $3.00 a pair.  They feature real sterling silver posts and backs.

A pair of base metal or steel post sparklers at the discount store would cost about the same.  But when the posts turn green and you can’t use them anymore, you just chuck them.  Of course, if you have precious metal posts and backs, you polish them gently with a soft cloth, and they last for years!

These are some nice examples of black pearl studs available on eBay for under $9.00 a pair, with solid sterling silver posts and backs.

Pearl Studs are a fashion statement…

Anting Mutiara - Panduan Membeli Anting Mutiara & Model Anting MutiaraWhether you buy pink, white, lavender, black, or color-treated pearl studs, you have a beautiful piece of jewelry that will remain valuable and classic for many years.  Some mothers hand their pearls down to their daughters.  Many women receive pearls as a wedding gift, and then pass them on to their children on their wedding day.  Pearls are a wonderful tradition.

Pearls are considered the gem of royalty.  It is said that lovely pearls calm the spirit and make the wearer serene and relaxed.  Pearls are said to increase love.

The white stud earrings above are selling on eBay for less than $4.00 a pair (again, sterling silver posts and backs).

I usually keep at least a dozen different pairs in various sizes, colors, and shapes for wearing with daytime fashions, or for dramatic evening wear.    Inexpensive studs are great for everyday wear…or you can go for gold and diamonds in fancier evening designs!


The black Akoya and diamond earrings above are available on eBay now.  Of course, these do not sell for $5.00 a pair.  The Black Akoyas above go for roughly $300 a pair.  In solid 14K gold with glittery diamonds, they make dramatic, gorgeous evening wear!

These lovely white Akoyas sell for around $60-$90 a pair with solid 14K gold posts and backs.

These stunning studs are currently selling for under $9.00 a pair on eBay.  Again, sterling silver posts and backs.

So if you can’t find an extra $60 to $300 in your wallet to shell out on pearl earrings, think about the lovely pearls studs with sterling posts and backs that can be bought for waaay less.   The 9mm studs above go as low as $9.00 a pair.  Your choice.  But no matter how expensive or inexpensive your pearls are, they will give you many years of beautiful wear…if you spring for the precious metal posts.  Check out my eBay Store for the inexpensive pearl earrings shown above!  I ONLY feature precious metal findings.

So go eBaying for your pearls, and enjoy!

You won’t have trouble finding some that will fit your budget and will fulfill your needs for some gorgeous accessorizing!

Have fun.  Just watch out for excessive SH that sometimes eats up your bargain price savings…keep your eye on that, and you should have a grundle of choices.