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Trip to Pearl Farm

My statements of regret for being somewhat late on the Hong Kong pearl report. Not long after Hisano and I touched base back in Los Angeles I needed to leave again to go to my child’s graduation from Delta Flight Attendant Training. We at the end of the day have a flight group part in the family!

Hong Kong was awesome as it generally seems to be, yet the best part of the excursion was our visit to Paradise – Jewelmer’s pearl farm in Tay, the Philippines. It was my second outing to the farm keeping in mind it wasn’t a relaxation trip, it positively felt like it.

We brought a GoPro camera and shot a considerable amount of video, including from a helicopter over the farm and underwater where Hisano and I swam a full line as the board nets were being flipped. Video dependably takes a ton of time to sort out, so meanwhile here is some sight to behold to appreciate!






It was hard to leave, and the buzzing about of Hong Kong quickly taking after tranquil heaven was bit of a modification, however there were pearls to be found and just three days to discover them. We missed the initial two days of the appear while in the Philippines.

Aside from the normal shopping list things we stumbled accross some uncommon things! We got some madly colored Edisons including a dim purple strand and matched up a bundle of mammoth swell pearls to make a colorful creature.

We likewise found a little Japanese organization that had not go to the show before and one we’d never found in Kobe. They’re specialty is extremely particular – baroques. In the past I had just been keen on the natural-color silver blue baroques yet simply because the whites that I’d seen were marginal rejects. The white strands they had were distinctive – radiant with extraordinary colors and unmistakably thick nacre. They were likewise enormous – 9.5-10.0 mm. They didn’t have a hefty portion of the substantial strands accessible yet we wound up taking every one of them inlcuding their natural-color silver-blues.