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What constitutes Gem Quality?

What constitutes Gem Quality?



I read in a string about PP’s Freshadamas versus AAA that Jeremy’s “Jewel Quality” strands are not recorded on his site. Are AAAs not jewel quality? I as of late purchased an AAA bracelet from PP, and I was under the feeling that it would be pearl quality. I likewise read that Freshadamas are pearl quality in addition to orient. Is that right? Will you clarify what diamond quality is?

Answers :

I think AAA has an edge for surface blemishing, so diamond would in fact be practically perfect. Freshadama is pearl in addition to orient according to PP. In any event that is my comprehension.

AAA pearls come as hanks and completion up as strands in the wake of stringing, while Freshadama quality and Gem quality originate from loose pearls, the ones that are normally set aside for earrings, as these pearls must be faultless as they can be seen and investigated by individuals.

Both Freshadama and Gem are loose, distinction is only that on the diamond quality you can?t see any orient yet on the Freshadama you ought to see at any rate a few.

When I posted under “The one extraordinary” under “Demonstrate to us your pearls”, You can take a gander at my Gem strand (white) together with Akoya strand (baroque), I posted it only therefore, as so a large number of our individuals were talking about PP:s January Special, which was this strand BTW.


It is 16 creep since quite a while ago contrasted with 24 inch (Akoya-strand).

the quality then would be in PP:s case: AA+ (never under)

for Freshwater pearls:

  • AAA
  • Gem Quality
  • Freshadama

pearl quality you can?t see any orient ?

Not as a matter of course genuine, jewel quality or even AAA strands regularly show orient its fair not part of the item definition like a Freshadama.

You need to recall that Freshadama IS pearl quality that has been sorted in view of orient. So while some jewel quality strands may not make the Freshadama limit, all Freshadama pearls are diamond quality.

There is still no all inclusive grading for pearls, however a large portion of the sellers here utilize the set criteria recorded on their sites, which are all things considered indistinguishable. The marking is seller subordinate and as talked about before various merchants have distinctive particulars, e.g. roundness, luster, orient. So they are all jewel quality, yet not all sellers will have the pearls you need. The more data the customer can give the better sellers and suit your solicitations.

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I do concur orient is available on all grades and sorts of pearls – it’s most maintained in extensive baroques as should be obvious from past occasions.

Beyond any doubt you can. That is the place freshadama and the other jewel lines originate from. The entire thought of those lines is that diamond/loose pearls are accumulated, sorted, matched, penetrated and afterward hung for necklaces/bracelets and set for rings/earrings/pendants.